Ok so here’s my problem, I’m going to get ONE pair of these leggings on Friday, but I can’t choose between white and blue! I prefer the blue, but the white will be easier to style with whatever I wear, since I don’t wear as much blue these days! 

So which one, blue or white?

  1. kaneofnod answered: Blue! They just look cooler.
  2. androidmachina said: Okay White!
  3. androidmachina answered: Can’t decide…NEED ALL.
  4. misscolzychan answered: Blue!!
  5. cyberpopterrorist answered: hmm … blue!
  6. uncoordinatedlaughter answered: White! It’ll accent your lovely hair~
  7. scout-finch-bitch answered: same, i like blue better, but white would be easier … i have to say blue
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